Tinkering with both hardware as well as software is in my blood. 
I love creating products in both the virtual as well as the physical world 
and using electronics to bridge the gap between them.

... and occasionally I do something completely unrelated I still like to blog about.
Like running an Ultra-marathon or Flying Kites 

Parametric Design

I design products and/or tools in FreeCAD and/or Fusion 360 with a focus on parameterized measurements. One single design can be easily re-used or transform into another iteration of the same product. Models are ready to be 3D-Printed and/or Laser-Cut

Limited Production Capacity

 I offer low-volume end-product or prototype production capability's with a 4-color 3D printer and 3rd party laser-cutting. Manual assembly or flat-pack shipment available

Software Development

As a Software Engineer with over 10 years of experience I produce specialized software and/or micro-controller firmware to further enhance the product's capabilities and the further close the gap between virtual and physical world.


Do you need help realizing your product-idea?

Feel free to contact me to discuss anything u might need my help with. Asking is always free!