Hello world

Content creator, I am not..   At least, not yet. Creative tendencies stuck in my head are looking for a way out. Every now and then, mostly limited by budget, I start a new project and more often then not once the project is finished I tend to find another project rather then enjoying the fruits of my labor. A month of evenings in my one car garage workshop, which is a project in itself, produced a wooden OSR Super Sport Evolution and a matching Heavy Duty Monitor stand

At least i finished it!

Three weeks of novice sim racing lead to a interest in star citizen and thus a different branch of simulation. Not that my 10 year old PC would be able to run it, I was annoyed by the fact star citizen does not support my 3 monitor setup (while respecting different camera angles). This quickly lead to wanting to find out why not, my discoveries in vulkan suggested it could be possible. Endeavors were made to try out programming c++ and vulkan. ( I think started learning c++ at least 10 times in my lifetime). Once I completed the vulkan tutorial and dabbed a bit into multi-viewport rendering I got distracted by availability of some budget. Doing online 'free' stuff allowed me to pile up some monthly hobby budget. Ideas to save up for a modern PC (which could actually run star citizen) were quickly thrown overboard and the budget got pretty much dumped into multiple boxes of electrical 'engineering' equipment and materials. All tools and materials I needed for making a seriously over-engineered (but I read on some forum this should be a good idea) CNC controller. Also some mechanical work was done on the wooden CNC build in progress (since 2012).

Those shoes are not se clean anymore

Once the winter made the workshop to cold to enjoy evenings of tinkering I decided make running my number one priority. Back
in late 2019 and 2020 I was pretty far into a marathon training program, but then corona hit the world. Pretty much all events got canceled and so did my target marathon. (that is the moment I decided to build a new indoor hobby, the sim-racing rig, but that has long been forgotten by now). My current renewed training plan is close to being finished: 18'th of April would be the scheduled date for the Enschede Marathon, but of course this event also got postponed. This time I expected it though, I vouched to finish the training program I started and so keep running (almost) every morning. In the evenings though, while short (my day starts at 5:30, out running before the work-day), I still need something else to do. I then found Ghost which was pretty easy to run on my server (project of 2017 I think) using docker. This is my first post.

So. What to expect? It should be pretty obvious that I still have numerous projects in progress that might even deserve a post of its own. Also multiple new projects are waiting to get started. I might as well write about it once it happens. As stated currently running is really on-topic, so my best guess would be the next post could be running related. But who knows. Come back and find out ;)